Incase anyone was wondering!

My name is Torquil Bennett,

I started climbing the in late 1980s, aged about 14, in a pair of second hand EB's and a Whillams harness. 20 odd years later and climbing is still the one constant that has remained throughout my life, the EB's are long gone and thankfully I'll never have to wear that harness again.

I have traveled, worked and climbed around the world earning my way mainly as a carpenter. After six years living in Italy I moved to Cornwall to do a degree in photography and then up to North Wales where I've lived since 2009. Cornwall still remains one of my favorite places to climb but I feel no where in the world beats North Wales for its quality and diversity of rock.

Since those early days I have always repaired, modified and personalized my own outdoor kit. It was never long before any new gear I bought was altered until I felt it was better and more suited to my purpose. Whether it was a rucksac, car, house or one of my sons toys I have always taken things apart and fixed them. Combine that with the desire for a flexible, workshop based job that wasn't weather dependent and resoling seemed to me like an obvious choice.

Fixing climbing shoes is a surprisingly tricky business and without the help of two American resolers I'd probably not have got this far, so I'd like to say a huge thank-you to Tony from The Rubber Room and Fly'n Brian both of whom have answered my many questions during the frustrating learning process.