I'm currently out of stock of rand rubber so no rand repairs until further notice.


Rock shoe - Resole, sole only.        

Rock shoe - Resole + rand repair. 







£35.00 /pair

£55.00 /pair -do I need this?

+ £5


£5 for one pair

£7 two/three pairs

£9 four+ pairs



PAYMENT I'll email you an invoice on receipt of your shoes which can be paid online either with PayPal or credit/debit card, or enclose a cheque made payable to Torquil Bennett. (N.B. If you are dropping off you cannot pay directly at V12/Indy.)

Download and print off an order form (below) to enclose with your shoes, PLEASE WRITE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CLEARLY otherwise you may not receive the invoice and I wont be able to start on your shoes. (if you don't have access to a working printer just make sure you send you details inc. email and return address).

I accept no responsibility for any shoes lost or damaged in transit but I will of course provide you with tracking details and postage receipts in the event of a problem, parcels are covered only up to £40 by the courier. I'll reuse packaging sent to me if possible, but I don't normally return shoe boxes as they often bump the weight into the next payment band.

Local drop off and pick up is available either in V12 Llanberis, or at the Indy climbing wall. Please fill in the form available at the shop (or download one here).

****NB when posting your shoes in to me be aware of the new Royal Mail parcel sizing - if your parcel is more than 8cm high the charges go up considerably, some small or soft shoes can be packaged side by side in a padded envelope and squashed down to meet these sizes, with larger shoes you'll struggle.